Windows 8 How do you disable two finger scrolling on asus n56dp series

Allen Smith

New Member
Dear Windows 8 Forums representatives,

I need your help because I don't like the two finger scrolling on Windows 8 for Asus. It works decent but I still prefer the old fashions one finger scrolling it seems to be more fluid when scrolling through pages. For me it still feels unnatural to use two fingers; I want my Windows 8 PC back and toss the mac feature for two finger scrolling. I'm not sure why Asus added this because it really ruins my Windows 8 experience as scrolling is an essential function for workflow. I'll put it this way if one finger scrolling was enabled I would have a 10 out of 10 experience versus two finger scrolling I would have a 7 out of 10 experience.

The only solution I have right now is to use a mouse that has scroll wheel, which I am going to start using today until this is resolved. I think this would be a great tutorial for others frustrated with this too so whoever can help me I will make a video on this subject.

I just want to turn off the gesture. I use to prefer using a mouse as it use to be faster for me but eventually I got better at using touch pad. Also with the touch pad I am always closer to my keyboard whereas with the mouse I have one hand away from keyboard at all times slowing down my productivity. I guess it really depends; sometimes it's much faster to use mouse when I am using a program where I am not doing a lot of typing and other times its faster to use touch pad when typing is involved often. I will check out the Windows 8 user guide you posted to see if I can fix this. I just did a driver update check and it said I am already up-to-date.

Are you wanting to turn off just the gesture or the whole mouse pad? Have you looking at your user manual for any possible Fn key combos to do just that? Have you looked into updating the drivers?
How did you check your driver updates? It's all ways best to update drivers through vendors your laptops download/support page to verify latest driver released dates. Then the hardware vendors will sometimes release more current drivers that's not picked up by the PC/laptop vendors. You can check with the hardware vendor directly to verify that the laptop website does infact have the latest driver published.