Windows 10 How do you find the control panel and the programs like on windows 8.1?

So, I have been looking around my new windows 10 pc.. and I couldn't seem to find where you would search up installed programs and control panel etc.... and I can't seem to find it.. I know how to do it on windows 8.1 but I have no clue how to do it on windows 10 so if anyone knows could they please share because that we be appreciated very much. Thanks for reading!


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The Winkey+x menu is still there. Items are hidden in certain pages. It would be good to spend some time just going through the options in Settings and then other things you might see open. Be sure to check the entire windows in case some options may be hiding off the screen.

I found it, I searched up settings in cortana and in settings you can find control panel. Thanks though!

Or you can just go to your start menu, go down to settings, and search up control panel.


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You can also
  • Press Win Key or Win Key + r
  • Type control
  • Press enter


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Going to setting from the start menu takes a long time, and then you have to hunt for Control Panel. I wonder why they buried it like this? Thank goodness for WIN X!


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Right-click on the Start button (just like in Win 8.1) and Control Panel is right there in the menu that pops up. Lots of other useful items in that menu as well.


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