How do you report issues to MS?

Still relatively new to the scene here,, but I am getting up to speed quickly. This past weekend, I installed W7 (7068 64 bit). However, after reading the welcome email from MS and getting a working product key, I am still not clear on how to report an issue to them. Is it via the technet forums?

I am sure some of it they don't care about...manufacturer related drivers, etc. (well, they should care a little)...but issues with MediaPlayer and IE should be of paramount importance. I have started taking screen shots, etc...just want to know how to make sure the feedback gets to someone who will review it. Perhaps they review forums such as this...but perhaps not.

Please let me know how you are reporting issues to our friends in Redmond.

First of all reporting errors and bugs from a daily build is useless as those builds aren't ment to be released to the general public.. not to mention MS isn't going to pay attention to bug reports from daily builds anyway... ;) I'd suggest if you want to report bugs to them that you use build 7000.. as that's the one Microsoft intended on people using/reporting errors and bugs from.. not daily/interim builds.. ;)

Understood and agreed. I may do that...I have enough HD space to boot 3 OS's (Vista 64, W7 7000, and W7 7xxx). Would be interesting toogle back and forth, but I understand development is not always streamline and interim builds may be disappointing. No worries. I just am not sure how people are sending feedback to MS. Technet forums are not really hoping with activity. How are people submitting bugs?

To be honest I'm not really sure... probably through technet or through Microsoft forums/blogs.. ;) But like I said I'm really not sure.. I reported all my feedback back when build 7000 was released and haven't really had to submit much since then really.. ;) Also there's probably some saying their submitting feedback but really aren't.. ;) Unfortunately there are those that do that sort of thing too...

Those that have very good connections with Microsoft can also submit feedback and report bugs alot easier than the general public too remember... :)

Thanks. I will scan the Technet forums again. Clearly they only want build 7000 feedback (smart decision or not...remains to be seen) However, I am still interested in what others are "offically" reporting.

It is interesting to see what is being reported.. I agree ;)


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"Technet forums are not really hoping with activity. How are people submitting bugs? "
Perhaps you havn't been accessing the correct forum?
try this:
Windows 7 Beta Category
172 posts in the last hour!
If you browse, you will find quite a few posters referring to builds, legal or not.


Thanks for posting the link. I reverted back to my welcome email and it has it as well. Not sure what I was looking at last night when I was scanning the Technet forums. Anyhow, thanks for pointing it out again! Spent the entire day playing with this build. Really love it...or just love my new Vaio! ~smile~ Good timing for both!

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