How do you scan and repair Windows 10?


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So, my Win10 Installation is pretty broken, but somehow still working...

(I already used SFC /Scannow, it didn't do shit) (I want to know ways, without reinstalling Windows 10)

Question: I have several problems with Windows 10, and I would like to know if there are any ways to scan and repair Windows 10

-Startmenu, Searchbar isn't working, I already tried to repair it with Index and other stuff; Generally, it is slow and disgusting.
-Windows 10 Store, while I don't need it, it would be cool if it works, especially with that XBOX Game Bar, it is annoying.
-Generally other things.

Info: I crashed my PC several times, without Bluescreen tho; And Idk but the installation is just so broken.

Specs: Windows 10 1809; Intel Core i7 1st Gen; NVidia GeForce GT 710; 8GB DDR3 Ram; 450GB HDD;


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Another command you can use to repair problems is dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth sometimes you may need to reboot and re-run the command to fix issues that don't fix the first time. This is typical of components that can be replaced until they are not in use (aka a reboot).

Problematic hardware (bad memory, bad disk can cause OS components to become corrupt) and slowness can also be difficulty reading a failing hard drive. Plus there is always the case of malware running on the system such as crypto mining malware using up system resources or other malicious software. Run dism and see if that helps repair some of the issues. I would also see if the system runs considerable faster in safe mode as most malware can't run in safe mode.

You can fix the start menu by resetting the appx packages for search and the shell experience host. I need to re-write the Powershell to handle the fact that Microsoft likes to change the package names.