how does windows shared networking work?

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    Hey guys,

    currently I am increasingly interested in networking. So my question is: How does the windows function of sharing network data exactly work?

    My take on this is that your PC (host) somehow turns into a file server in the network as well, which other people may access w/ or without a user name or password - given the given configurations.

    My problem w/ is still to understand how it exactly works. Is there a domain name to the file server -if it is located on my PC- which protocols are used and what does windows do to set this up?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    Greetings from Germany,

    Max ;)
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    A simple explanation is that a Domain is a group of networked computers that share a central database, containing user accounts and security information. A Workgroup is a group of networked computers that share resources such as files and printers. Homegroups are the new kids on the block and are for Windows 7 and above only.

    Here is more information on Domains, Workgroups and Homegroups

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