How easy will it be to upgrade?

Please forgive my lack of technical knowledge here, Guys, but does anyone have a sense of just how easy or difficult it will be to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7? The Microsoft PR machine says that this will simply be a case of inserting a DVD and hitting 'Go', but I've always thought that the tech people say that it's always better to do a clean install of any new OS?

So, as someone who is looking to buy a new Laptop, do I wait a few months and buy a Laptop with 7 pre-loaded, or do I get a deal on a Vista Laptop now and upgrade in October?

clean install is better ofcourse and easy just follow the instructions on the screen..
i have already seen lanptops sold with 7 and if it was me i would buy one anytime i want and install whatever i like which's obiously 7!

Buying now with a future upgrade is no problem! I personally never recommend an upgrade install but it is VERY easy to perform a clean install using upgrade media. Just use the search function here on the site to search "clean install using upgrade media" without quotes, it may even be stickied in the installation forum.

I would personally recommend buying the laptop you can upgrade to Seven rather than one that is pre loaded with Seven PLUS megabloat from HP or Dell or whomever. If you buy a Vista laptop now and order the free upgrade later when it is available you will have a clean system minus the bloat put on there by OEM's who get paid to put it there! It's a win win situation in my opinion of course!

Ed Dixon

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The upgrade vs fresh install question is dependant on what you have on your current system. Those with lots of applications will have to reinstall every one. That can be time consuming, and frustrating (if you no longer can find the download or install CD).

Fresh installs are nice as everything starts out clean. However the above should be a consideration, as most have way more things installed than they remember.


Thanks to you all. This is great advice. Thanks again.

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