How Fast Should W7 Boot?


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OK, It's in! I used Paul Thurrott's procedure and everything just worked. Blew away the Lenovo Vista Ultimate 32 bit partitions and expanded freed up space into 1 320GB partition now running W7 Pro 64 bit. I plan on shrinking the 320 down create a data drive / partition later. So now that it's in I've read lots of comments on how fast W7 boot's. On a 3.06 GHz laptop with 8 GB of memory just how fast should that be? Right now it loads Avast, connects to the network and displays the desktop in just over 1 minute. Avast updates and extra scanning processes are in manual mode so all that loads at boot are the resident (mail, web etc.) modules. Since I don't have anything to compare my boot time against can someone please give me an opinion on the boot time I'm seeing? If you think it's slow can you offer some advice on how to speed it up? I have not used 'autoruns' yet but I would appreciate any advice on using that tool with W7. TIA for the help.
Bob Helms

how fast?

Here is mine: (after applying the speed tweaks at the link in my tagline)

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