Windows 11 Just wanted to brag about my new computer!


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Hi Everyone

I just got my new Falcon Northwest computer. How fast is it?
I just finished making my first System Image of it.

I have everything installed now, and it's working great, but even I was surprised at this...
For years, I have been telling everyone who will listen to put their Windows install on its own partition, put all your data, photos, music, and games on other drives or partitions. I've done this since Windows 7.

You probably have been the recipient of one of my wordy posts about it at some point.
The reason is that you can create and restore a System Image in a mater of minutes instead of hours, this will solve virtually any problem you are having with your computer, including a corrupt boot sector. All this without loosing anything! This is much better than Windows repair tools.

Now here's the brag, my old computer could create and restore a System Image in about 25 minutes. I thought this was great, any problem fixed in less than half an hour...

But I just made my first System Image on my new Falcon Talon computer in, wait for it...

Five minutes and twenty seconds.
Yes, I can back up or restore my compute in less than six minutes.

You don't know how great it feels to have anything you screw up fixable in a matter of under 10 minutes, no matter what it is, malware, corrupt files, or just things you messed up.

I'm still pushing everyone to do this, all my friends have their computers set up this way now and no complaints.