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    Windows Image Files

    Hello again, Can I safely delete old image files made by Windows 7's Backup/Restore-Create a system image once I've created a fresh image ? Regards, Cheemag
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    Surface 3 running windows 7 used to set up 30 other Surface 3s

    I just started for a small tech organization in which we frequently use surface 3s and must have them all configured to be the same. Since it has been awhile since I have used system imaging, and I have limited resources, my question is: Can I set up one surface with all of the programs we need...
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    Best way to backup files?

    What is the best way to backup files? Also could you direct me to guides or explain how to do the backup? I have been looking it up and from what I read there is a system image and file history that does back ups. But which is the best? If I needed to put my external hard drive into a...
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