How to best make image of pc to use on another PC


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I have a laptop... acually I have 20 lenovo T420 laptops.
Same type but probably with some small differences.
Diks are all SSD but diff. kinds.

I have installed one of the laptops as I like it.
Now I will install all the others so they are similar.

I used MS system image which works fine, but only on the one it was created from :)
System image is fine for me, but is there a way to get it work on the other 19 laptops?

If not I will have to use DISM.
But all I have written about it until now it seems a little difficult for me.
But maybe it's not that difficult?

So if I have to use DISM, is there somewhere a full guide that anyone can recommend?

Or any other good solution for my issue?


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DISM would work; however, since they are not exactly the same you will have extra work to make sure all the drivers get included. Also works best with MAK or KMS licensing. Single device licenses wont work in this situation.

All the documention is here Windows Deployment Services Overview

Also if you usually need to do a sysprep as part of the process which will essentially make the first computer unusable and it will need to be reimaged.


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I think I will try finding a program that can do it for me.
I find DISM to difficult or lets say... I will have to use to much time.


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I have done something much easier...
used a disk clone box..
Installed my laptop as I want it.
Cloned the disk in a sandberg disk clone boks.
10 min operation.
And installed the cloned disk in laptop 2.

So now I have 2 similar pc with same name and everything.
But since they are not in domain I think that will work fine.