How I fixed my shutdown hang problem

Symptom: Shutting down, shutdown screen would start then hang and required me to hard power off.

Solution: I had uninstalled the Windows Fax and Scan option in the Turn Windows Features On/Off from the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel. When I did that, it did not uninstall the Fax device in the Devices and Printers. Rechecking the Windows Fax and Scan corrected the situation. On another PC, I had removed the feature and then removed the Fax device from the Devices and Printers manually and that PC never had the shutdown hang problem.

I don't know if this corrects other issues of shutdown hangs but it might give you ideas of what to look at if you suffer from this issue. I wished I had figured it out before I did a reinstall!


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Hi inkscarab,
welcome to the 7forums.. :)

Thankyou for your post as it may help others..

This solution absolutely worked for my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop and now my shutdown is as snappy & smooth as ever.

Registered to say thank you to the OP, inkscarab.

The real solution to the problem would be to update the modem drivers to latest. It's actually old drivers that cause the issue and the OP's solution is a workaround.

In any case, glad the pc is reacting well for both. :)

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