Windows 7 How to allow only some programs to connect to the internet with windows firewall?


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Hi all, I want only custom programs I set to be able to connect to internet, no other programs, even automatically connecting programs and so on. Can I handle it with windows firewall? otherwise recommend me a free program for doing that.

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks, I created new rule and set it to block all connections. So how can I allow some programs to be able to connect to the internet while the rule is enabled?


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You have to choose the connections you want to work. It's a matter of if it's easier to block connections, or allow them. Usually the ones we want to block are fewer than the ones we want to allow. If you, say, want to save your kids from certain sites, there are several packs for it, just Google "kid safety block".

Otherwise, you're completely free to choose the allowed sites.