How to change in WinExplorer the default icon for all *.dat files?


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I want to change the default icon in Windows Explorer for all files with the extension *.dat.

How can I do this?

Related question:
Is it required to have a new icon with a certain size at hand?

Assume I have an icon file "newicon.ico" with a dimension 256x256 available and assign this somehow to the *.dat extension files. Does Windows 7 automatically resize this original icon to the smaller size?

Or do I have to supply a different size (which ?) icon because there is no auto-resizing?



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It is currently based off the program designed to open the application. Remember, there was a time where you could not open a file by double clicking on it (This was before file associations in Windows). You'd literally have to open the program first and navigate to the file.

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