How to setup default View in WinExplorer from Media--->General?


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At first I connect a SmartPhone through USB cable to my WinDesktop computer and open a directory on this SmartPhone in my local Windows Explorer.

The default view is (presumably) "Media View".
Right side of WinExplorer shows columns like Artist, Track number, Type" although I am browsing a pure data file directory on the SmartPhone.
On the other side I miss the column like "Last Modified date".

What I want to achieve is that the default view ion the right side of WinExplorer is exactly like for all the other directories on my Win7 system: "General View".

Ok I could manually customize all the columns according to my preferences. But at next connect it is the initial "Media View" again.

This is unnecessary and annoying.

WinExplorer seems to identify the SmartPhone always as media.

How can I enforce the "General View" for SmartPhones as default view for the future?

As a workaround: How can I assign the current "General View" columns/settings completely to "Media View" settings without adjusting it all manually?
Is there a registry key for the View setups which can be copied?