how to change the search result of win7 like in winxp

hi, i my win7 system i dont like the search result.

i want it to be like in winxp which was very clear.

in win7 the search result is totally bloating . that is what i feel.

i couldnt fastly seek for my item because the filename is diasplayed and below that the path is displayed. this makes my eyes slow and i feel like an old man while looking in to it.

this is so sucks...

in winxp it was very easy to go through the filenames in the result.
but now i have to stop one by one and it makes me feel like crap. :( View attachment 21728

oh my god... i just tried to change the listing option at the right corner where you can list by details, list , large small, thumbnails and so on... yet there are other discrepancies in win7 which i will be discussing later.

I replaced windows explorer with CubicExplorer. Not only is this indescribably better than Win 7, but the built in search engine literally take 10 seconds compared to Win 7 taking over 3 minutes. Unless you're REALLY into eye candy, there's nothing good top say about 7.

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