How to delete Temp files


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I have 109,522 files (122,143 folders) in my Temporary Internet files in the C:\users\my name\AppData\Local\Temp folder hugging 5.14 GB and slowing down the performance. When I try to delete those temp files: Message: they are system files and deleting them will interfere with Windows.
What are those Temp files, why can't I get rid of them. And if I can, how to do it? Explorer's Control Panel/Delete browsing history doesn't do it. Internet search is confusing, I don't want to use so called "cleaners" messing with the Registry.
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whs, thanks but the Description Tab says: "The built in Registry cleaner....", so it "touches" the Registry


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Yeah, it has a registry cleaner function. But that is completely independent of the temporary file cleaning function. There is no need for you to run that.

Trust me, I use that program weekly since years and never had an incident. I only recommend that you uncheck the cookies for all browsers. Then you don't lose your log-in credentials.

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The registry cleaner does clean the registry but you can save as a backup what it removes. The tabs for Windows and Applications only clean up the temp junk. I've used it with success for a lot of years on many OSs. I simply run with the default settings I think the problems come when people use the registry cleaner and start making optional additions to it.


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I also recommend downloading direct from the Piriform website - almost all the others will carry loads of junkware which they try to get you to install (and they are sneaky with it!):

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