How to edit (e.g. name) of a task in built-in Task Scheduler?


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Assume I setup a task in Task Scheduler.

It appears in Task Scheduler as active task with the status "Ready".

Now I want to edit this task e.g. the name of the task.

How can I achive this?

If I mark e.g. the task in task list or double click on it then I still can not edit the entry field "Name" in tab "General".

When I disable the task then the status switches to "disabled" but the name is still NOT editable.

So how can I edit name or triggers or conditions for an existing task otherwise?


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You can't edit an existing task name, but you can do the following.
  • Right click the task and select Export...
  • Save it somewhere such as your desktop
  • Right the task and select Delete
  • Right click an empty spot in the task pane and select "Import Task..."
  • Select the xml file for the test you exported and it will let you change the name.