How to find out if an *.exe is 32bit or 64bit without starting it?


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Is there a way to find out if a given *.exe file is 32bit or 64bit executable.
The program should NOT be started (and investigated in TaskManager).

Conversly I could imagine that there is somewhere an analyze tool which shows this info to the user.



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Have you thought about visiting the web site for the app to check there? There are times the x86 or x64 designation is included in the app name. There aren't nearly as many 64 bit apps at this point.


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You may also be able to tell by where Windows installs it.
It puts 32 bit programs in the Windows/Program Files (x86) folder, and 64 bit programs in the Windows/Program Files folder.

For the most part any 32 bit program will run in 64 bit Widows, but not the other way around unless you jump through hoops to get it to do so.


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