How to get the current firmware version through drive properties?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by pstein, Jan 27, 2015.

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    I have an external USB DVD drive connected through cable and want to find out the current firmware version.

    I want to use NOT a diagnostic program like AIDA4 but the Win7 internal methods.

    Therefore I right clicked on the drive in Windows Explorer then the "Hardware" tab, marked the drive and clicked "Properties" button, then "Details" tab.

    Ok, in the "Property" drop down there are lots of values.

    However I did not found the firmware entry.

    Is it hidden in another entry?
    See attached snapthot

    Can I find out the firmware this way at all?

    Is there another method to find it out (without 3rd party tools)?

    Thank you

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    The firmware requires a program by the hardware manufacturer, at least that is my experience. You need to go to the producer's pages, and check there. The availability should be on the disc you may have got when purchasing.

    Firmware is very rarely a cause for trouble, usually this stuff lasts for generations. If you have problems, it's most probably elsewhere.

    I strongly advice not to use any third party programs.
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