How to Install an HP 2000c Printer on Win 7

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Hello Allan,

Ab big "Thank you" for your great help. I installed the driver from you and now my HP2000c is working on Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit-Version well.



Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

My beloved HP 2000C is now working on my new Win7 Professional computer. The new computer does not have a parallel port, so I went and purchased a USB to Parallel cable from Sewell Direct
USB to Parallel Adapter, 5 ft. - K200V1, $13.95

It all worked as I hoped it would, and I recommend both Sewell Direct and Allenn's stuff to anyone who reads this. Thanks Allenn!

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update


I'm also looking for that drivers. By read all that messages, it looks that some of you get it to work with the help of allenn's drivers and the modified NTPRINTV2.INF.
Is somebody abel to send me that complete list (including that NTPRINTV2.INF)?
All my test sofar are not succesfull...


Bernd from Germany...


Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Big thanks & compliment to Allenn. Downloaded drivers and instructions. Excellent description on process and steps. Now my 12 year old HP 2000C is back to life in W7.
Well done !

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Hi Allen!
I'm not found the files HPV2000C.BUD, ntprints.inf, printupg.inf, prtupg9x.inf and RGB Color Space Profile.icm, sRGB.icm. Can you help me?

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

HP 2000C easily Installed on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on LPT1 port with cordial precise instructions provided by Allen! Thank you.

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Following are some of the tips, which you must follow while you are using a printer with Windows 7 system.

Ensure that the cables are properly connected; you need to ensure that your printer is properly connected, and plugged in, and also the cable is accurately connected to the computer as well.
Check the power; make sure that the printer’s power is switched on, ensure that all the computer necessary computer components are also turned on.
Make sure that the hardware is properly plugged in, and also turned on. Apply troubleshooting.
A troubleshooter is a tool, which is generated automatically and which can easily fix the problems that occur with your system.
Thus, if you are coming across different issues related to your printer, then you can consult the troubleshooter.
You require driver applications to run your hardware devices.
Make sure that the drivers are not outdated, corrupt, or incompatible, resulting in disrupting the communication between the printer and the computer.
Always make sure that you are making use of the most recent and latest device drivers, and also that are compatible with your system requirements and specifications, as this can be extremely useful in resolving printer issues.

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Allen's process works very well. Please note that the file list here is not precisely correct. I tried following the instructions and pulling the files from XP without success. Allen's package is simple and quick. If you are looking to make this work, send Allen a PM and get his package.


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I'm happy for all who had success with Allenns package. However, about 1 year ago, I tried his solution for about 3 months, always in contact with Allenn, changed many thing, tried over and over, but without success. I gave up.
The following describes the installation as network-printer
Now I found an easy solution (in German: HP2000C Treiber unter Windows 7 Home installieren « HanBav ):
(Internet connection needed)
System control --> add printer --> local --> LPT1
Than choose Windows update and wait for list of drivers loading
Choose --> HP --> 1220C
After installing you can name the printer HP2000C or Johnny or Jane, as you like it.
Now you need the HP install network printer wizard:
HP Jetdirect 300x Print Server series -  Install Network Printer Wizard - HP Business Support Center
Download and install this tool and let it work. It will find, if connected, your HP2000C. For installing, you choose the "recently installed driver" for HP1220C.
Name it, as you like. Now you have two new printers in the system control, for local or network use. Choose the right one as default.
With network, it works great, I did not test it locally, because I have no adapter from USB to the old Printer plug.

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:)Allen thanks! Got the Hp2000C (after an black ink refill) work fine on my toshiba P300-13J laptop under Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit via the UTM1925 USB-Multi I/O Cable = serial/parallel to usb adapter!

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update


I received your driver package for adding a HP 2000c as a Local printer on an LPT1 parallel port in Win 7 Pro, 32 bit. Your instructions were easy to follow and installation went smooth with no problems. My printer now works great just like it did in Win XP Pro. You are a blessing to all of us that have a HP 2000c printer and want to continue using it.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge,


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Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Thank you very much, Allen!

Your instructions about install the HP 2000C on Windows 7 are excellent! My printer is fully functional again!

It is wonderful. Thanks!



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Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Sorry Allenif I didn't reply sooner due to major emergency, but using your driver forinstalling the HP 2000C on Win 7 32 bits, works beautifully. I installed the HP2000C as a network printer using a Trendnet Print Server. I first created a newport using the Trendnet disk, than try to install your driver via Trendnetsoftware, of course it didn't work whichwas expected, but the port remained installed. Using Add Printer option in Win7, I installed the HP2000C as a local printer first, with your driver. Once installed, I change theport to the newly created Trendnet port. Voila!
Thank youkindly

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Thanks very much, Allen!

Your installation instructions for HP 2000C on Windows 7 are excellent!
Now printer is fully functional in 32bit ultimate version as local printer.
I´am wondering how much time you have spent to make perfect instructions.

Re: HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

allenn, Wow! I was thrilled when a test page printed after following your instructions. Now I can start loading programs in Win 7.
Thanks a bunch.

HP 2000C Win 7 Driver Update

Looks like my HP 2000C Win 7 Setup works with 32-Bit Home Premium Edition. This is great news, because I could only test the setup with 32-Bit Win 7 Pro.

Please note: the list of programs to setup the HP 2000C which was shown in an earlier post is correct except the following files are not required:
C:\HP 2000C\layout.inf
C:\HP 2000C\ntprints.inf
C:\HP 2000C\printupg.inf
C:\HP 2000C\prtupg9x.inf

Unfortunately, the Win 7 Add Printer Wizard requires a special ntprint.inf file. Therefore, the ntprint.inf from XP Pro will not work. You must obtain the HP 2000C Win7 Setup from me which includes the special ntprintv2.inf, the print driver, and toolbox programs.

Dear - you can send me these files? Please.
I connect the printer to a computer parallel port lpt1:
My e-mail address: (

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