Insider Preview How To install Windows 10 in VirtualBox

Do I lose my Windows 8.1 license if I install Windows 10 in Virtualbox?
Thanks for your answer.


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I have been running it in VB since October, on a Win7 PC.


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You will have been running a test build, which is not, at the moment, connected with the imminent upgrade options.
Andrew: I don't know the positive answer to that yet. It will, undoubtable depend on how you obtain Windows upgrade, in which case you will surrender your licence, or ISO with a fresh install.


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ATM nothing is certain with Windows 10 ! ;)

But if you are (and stay) an Insider I think your VM Windows 10 stays "activated" and your main Windows 8 will also stay genuine...

One thing is certain : you will have a choice and in the worst case your VM Windows 10 will be "not activated" without affecting your real Windows 8.


Ok, thanks for your answers.
I'm going to install Windows 10 in Virtualbox and start testing as an Insider!


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Hi Andrew. I assumed you meant when the full upgrade release comes along in a month. There is no activation problem if you are using the preliminary builds.

No problem davehc.
The installation in VirtualBox is a fact and everything on my Windows 8.1 is as it was.
Thanks for the tutorial.

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