How to Install Windows 7 WITHOUT ISSUES



'RAK', really meant it, thanks for making note of "Dude"... nice to realize you knew I flinched @ it (too).

Course, I don't much care for "Bud", "Buddy", "Big Guy" or "Boss" either. And where did this widespread misplaced, over-abundant misuse of the word LIKE come from? while we'er on such things...

(it's ok, just rhetorical.)

Dude is ok when it is someone you know very well.

Bud, buddy, big guy or boss. Those are ok if your getting ready to cap a guy and they are kissing your ass. In any case you would off 'em anyway 'cause they refered to you in such a manner.

It's all about etiquette

So you're saying that v-dash is no one and is full of it. I thought he works for MS.



So you're saying that v-dash is no one and is full of it. I thought he works for MS.

Just because he works for MS doesnt mean anything until he proves it and yes, he could be full of it.

Unless he produces some tangible material.

Anyone of us can copy and paste material.

How about answers to specific problems.

Not the search, copy, paste method.


I have to disagree.. It is clearly stated in a number of 'locations' that going "cross-platform" (32>64) is not a "supported path".

The 1 that suprised me was a flawless upgrade w/ perfect results XP>Win7; if to be taken that it was an in-place upgrade, that is ot a "supported path" either. :confused:

LOL I have to disagree, look at the attachment I added in a previous post. It should spell out in plain english that if you want to go from a 32 bit version to a 64 bit version you must purchase a full retail copy. It says you must do a custom install.

Why do you have the option of a custom install on upgrade media and why does MS send you a 64 bit install disc? I guess that's why it cost so much is because they are wasting media by sending everyone both even if they can't use it. Maybe it would be cheaper if they only sent the disc you can use.

Windows 7 upgrade 32 bit. Windows 7 upgrade 64 bit. Windows upgrade both 32 and 64 bit.

Oh yeah deceptive practices comes to mind. You can't do an upgrade to a 64 bit os from a 32 bit os you have to do a custom install. When they should say you can't do an upgrade from a 32 bit os to a 64 bit os you must purchase a full version not an upgrade version.

OK OK I'm tired of bending over for big companies and their deceptive way of doing business, not just MS. I'll shut up now.

So not be illegal if I go back to vista 32 bit which came with my computer and then upgrade to 7 32 bit can I do a custom install or do I have to do an upgrade? I really would like a clean install and not an upgrade on top of an older os.

Thanks Drew, by going back and activate the update choice do you mean install custom and then install upgrade?



Ok Drew. You sound like you know what your talking about. How do I find out why the installation is stalling?

I found the SETUPACT.LOG file but it give no data like I mentioned.

2/3's or 62%, whatever you want to call it, is where it freezes.

I (we), the people that have this problem, and there are many, need a hero.

Are you "the one"?

Dont think you can, know you can.

Just fix it.

None of this "try this or that" kind of BS.

I have faith in you 'cause it seems your not a BS kinda of guy.


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Nor an MS dude - lol
Maybe better you start a competitive thread, Drew, with a redirection from this one, on the short version of how to install Windows 7.

I am trying to do a custom install from XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro. It is not working.

I keep getting an error code 0x80070570 - cannot install required files. May be corrupt or missing - after the first restart (it's expanding, and around 30% it restarts, the error code comes up around 30% after the restart as well).

I have a retail disk, nothing burned or downloaded.
This error code was common with downloaded isos.

To eliminate variables, I tried an install on my old computer - went in just fine. That was an athlon X2 3800+ on a gigabyte K8N pro-sli MB.

The new computer has a Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P and an Athlon Phenom II 940 with 4 GB of RAM. I used Memtest86 to check the RAM, which had no errors.

The HD and DVD drives I used to install on my old PC were the same ones I am using on my NEW PC - so the issue is certainly NOT my Windows 7 disk, HD, DVD drive.

It has to be a Bios, Motherboard or RAM error, or some hardware conflict I am not picking up on.

I have tried installing on a regular IDE HD, just in case the SATA drivers were the problem - makes no difference. Tried SATA and IDE DVD drives - no difference.

Please help.

I've done the custom install of Windows 7 Ultimate. After all that is to read, i'm tired of trying to fix the error that started at the end of the installation where it says "completion installation", and after allot of reboots and craps where that comes fails to get windows working on this hardware. Error "Windows setup could not get windows working on this computers hardware". BOOOOOORRRRINNNNGGGG!!!

I went looking for an update of Toshiba Hardware setup version 3(Latest release), and so far google's a bitch.

This is the final place on the web i'm asking for help.



Ahhh, the plot thickens.

Ah Common, does any1 of you know where to search from microsoft things manufacturers, etc to download?



Sorry man. If you havent been keeping up on current events, Windows 7 wont install on a lot of machines. I doubt any hardware bios upgrade or whatever your trying to do is going to help.

Read through the messages in this forum and you will see.

If your hell-bent on installing it, knock yourself out.

I updated my bios and after that contacted Asus to get there opinion and they said that it was a bad memory stick. I took my memory out and replaced with new and same problem. 7 will not install.

Everyone has an opinion but no solution.

Maybe you have to buy a brand spanking new computer. That sucks. I dont think they cared when they released it. Million of people have spent over 100 dollars each and MS is lauphing all the way to the bank. We were all just a bunch of suckers yet one more time.

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Oh the drudgery

Hi guys, glad to see some people are replying to this post. I just came back to check if someone replied. I will be posting soon about those that I said I would.

@DROFLEX: Dude, I know how you must feel. I mean, to shell out that much cash and all you get are frustrations, I really apologize for the inconvenience this issue must have caused you. But to answer your question (I thought it was), YES, THERE IS a way to find out what Windows HAS TO SAY about the error that you encountered during install. If Microsoft found out that I am telling you guys this, I will have no job for the rest of my existence. But, so what? Right? Microsoft has a heart too... and a lot of us still haven't slept very well since the launch just to make sure that you guys are happy with Windows 7.

Anyway, to find out what went wrong during the installation, hard-reset your system back into the screen where you get to click \"Install Now\". If you can still boot to Vista, this will be so much easier because you can use \"Computer\" (\"My Computer\" in XP) to navigate. On the screen with \"Install Now\" (by booting off the DVD), press Shift+F10. This will bring up the Command Prompt with Administrative Privileges. Go into $WINDOWS.~BT\SOURCES\PANTHER or if that's not there, go into $INPLACE.~TR\SOURCES\PANTHER. From there, type \"NOTEPAD SETUPACT.LOG\" and hit enter. THAT WILL TELL YOU A LOT OF THINGS! Scrolling down to the last entry should identify where you got stuck and why.

@DREW: Dude, that information is MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL - the CLEAN INSTALL with an upgrade disc thingy. But if you read thru my next posts - especially on the next one \"What do I do to prepare myself for upgrade installation?\" - a little common sense will answer that question.

Am really swamped right now, guys... so forgive me if I can't post anything else yet. I'll try to be back before 12 hours and post the \"UPGRADE READINESS\" checklist.

I doubt Microsoft would take any action against you for telling us something that's available in the knowledge base here. It almost seems as if your trying to play yourself up by appearing to go out on a limb for people. I'm not trying to put you down, I know your trying to help. But empty gestures will get you no where here. The fact is that the Windows 7 "in-place" upgrade is broken. If it wasn't there wouldn't be so many people that got the go ahead from the compatibility test, only to end up with a half vista half 7 pile of useless files. And all the panther log files tell us is that we need to be a Microsoft Windows Engineer to make any conclusion as to what it's telling us. Not that we have access to talk to those folks. I would love to send my logs to an engineer and have them cook up a nice hotfix for my issue...but it ain't gonna happen. Instead I get to talk to the support reps who don't seem to have any more idea what's going on than I do. But don't mind me, I'm just speaking from experience....

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Well, that sure got taken incorrectly or painted w/ an interesting but, undeserved colour.

It was nothing more than an attempt @ sheer, unadulterated humour! No attitude or ego-boosting involved; "don't say where you heard it" was strickly for comedic effect... sorry if not obvious to all.... my dry British wit often isn't (obvious to all).

I'm pretty sure what I quoted was posted by v-dash. So I'm not sure what part you thought was yours. I'm just really irritated with the total lack of effort put into making sure the upgrade was stable by Microsoft. To even go as far as to discourage using it during the RC phase in which they would have had plenty of feedback to fix the bugs. Basically anyone with a MS logo next to there name is gonna get a mouth full from me at this point in time.

Sorry for the mix up.



Yes, i have a boxed copy. Store bought. I tried the downloaded version first which failed and thats why I bought the boxed version.

The version I downloaded was the full $199 version.

I installed that after a format.

The version I purchased from the store was the $119 version (upgrade) because they didnt offer the full version. I did however reformat and reinstall xp prior to installing the upgrade version of 7.

The only thing I havent tried yet is to install vista prior to Windows 7. I have never had vista so I need to locate a copy in order to try it.

I'm not going to go buy a copy of it (I wouldnt know where) only to waste more money. If my brother can come thru with his disk and authentication code I will try it so that I can die knowing that I made the best effort possible.

Note to the Microsoft police: My brothers computer is a door stop now so I'm thinking it would be ok to install his old vista on my PC since it wont be running on two computers at once. Just wanted to clarify before you decide to kick my door down.


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Quote from Microsoft. "The Upgrade option is not available in Windows 7 Setup when installing Windows 7 on a computer running Windows XP. However, you can use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate files and settings from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the same computer. To do this, you must first copy files to a removable media, such as an external hard drive or UFD, or to a network share. Next, you will install Windows 7 and then migrate your files back from the removable media onto your computer. When you are finished, you must install your software programs again, but your files and settings will have been copied from Windows XP."

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Upgrade does not work properly

WAS SAID----- > UPGRADE INSTALL! An UPGRADE INSTALL is a kind of installation that allows Windows 7 to be installed in a computer that contains Windows Vista with at least Service Pack 1

Well it does not work that way at all. I had Vista Home Premium with SP-1 already installed and the Business edition Upgrade of Win 7 would not let you do a automatic install. Somehow the program wants to make a clean copy no matter what. Old files Temp and Cache and other things were clean before I put the Upgrade disk in. WHAT A HEADACHE for the ones that can't get the upgrade to work. The Computer was already a 64 bit and the headache was this

1. Clean install only why doesn't the upgrade work like ti says.
2. No way to revert back to the old operating system,if things go goofy
3. Many peoplewriting about endless reboots
4. No way to backup files in the upgrade cause windows 7 says it's not installed.
And the list goes on and on, What I had to do was boot from the cd and keep trying many many times, and another problem is the Automatic updates do not work properly you have to do them manually so That was the problems I had and still working them out.


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For those in real trouble, don't overlook the EULA:


FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY. Microsoft will repair or replace the software at no
charge. If Microsoft cannot repair or replace it, Microsoft will refund the amount shown
on your receipt for the software. It will also repair or replace supplements, updates and
replacement software at no charge. If Microsoft cannot repair or replace them, it will
refund the amount you paid for them, if any. You must uninstall the software and return
any media and other associated materials to Microsoft with proof of purchase to obtain
a refund.


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USB HDD Conflict at Win7 install

Lot of useful information in here. Glad I signed up.

Ok. I had the RC 64bit build on a small 200GB HDD.
Was happy with it.

Went and purchased the OEM Full version and a bunch of hardware (good excuse for an upgrade).
Installed just fine on a new 2TB HDD, except stupid Itunes seems to have died (probably conflicting registry keys?).

Decided to wipe both drives and just do a straight reinstall.
Which should be simple.
But hasn't been.

At the install from DVD drive options screen I see 2 HDDS + 1 External USB Drive. Which is fine-that's what I have.

The two internal drives I have deleted and formatted into a single partition on each. Win7 to go on the 200GB and the 2TB as storage.
These partitions show as Primary partition types.
(As does the USB Drive).

Win7 installer will not write or install to any of these partitions (wasn't expecting it to write to the USB drive - and that's fine), but surely it should be able to install to a primary partition on an internal Sata drive?

From a bit of browsing on this forum I'm thinking it's failing due to me having the USB drive connected?
(Seems odd, but if someone could confirm that this would stop an install that would be great).

I've no problem deleting, partitioning etc space on the internal drives, Win7 just won't install to ANY of the resulting primary partitions.

Sorry if I'm sounding like an utter noob here, but any help appreciated.

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