1. olat

    Windows 10 USB Hub Safely Remove Device (Eject Device) Issue

    Hello! I got a new Type - C USB Hub with 4 3.0 ports. The hub works great, but the problem is that once I try to safely remove (eject) one of the USB devices, all of them get disconnected. Furthermore, once I do that, I can't connect any devices again until I restart the PC. They do power up...
  2. N

    Windows 10 SSD Unplugged and Data Lost

    I lost all my data because apparently external ssd's are not hot swappable. Here is how it went: I installed Windows 10 on the SSD and moved all files from the HDD to the SSD while running the OS on the HDD. Then I put the SSD in the laptop hard drive space and booted up, but there were no files...
  3. Coop

    External Hard Drive refusing to eject.

    I keep getting this warning. I use a 1TB Seagate external hard drive. It occasionally ejects just fine, but mostly it keeps giving me this warning, even after I've long closed out all other programs. I use a custom built computer with an EVGA GTX 960 graphics card, an Intel Quad-Core i7 CPU...
  4. P

    External hard drive help

    Hey guys, So I salvaged my hard drive from my old Lenovo U-430, got a caddy for it, and plugged it in. Everything from my old computer seems to be there fine but when i go to where the files that I actually want, it won't let me access them. I click on "Users," then on "Peter" (user where all...