How to install Windows 8.1?


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I have a brand new ASUS laptop and it's empty. It has no OS.

I bought a Windows 8.1 disk (a full version not an update) and I'm up and ready to install it.
The problem is I don't know how.

These are the steps I did so far:

1) Turned on laptop
2) Put in disk
3) Restarted laptop
4) Went into the Setup Utility menu

And this is what I have so far:

What do I do next?


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1. put the installation disk in and get it spinning
2. bring up the BIOS boot menu - usually by tapping F12 or ESC, but the splash screen should tell you
3. go to CD/DVD reader with the up/down keys
4. hit ENTER
5. watch out for a message on the left top of the screen that says "hit any key ...."
6. hit the space bar and you are on the roll.
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Asus uses the [esc] for [f12] on many models to open the boot options (including bios).

You may also need to un-lock the bios before you can install a new Asus system... its called "secure boot control" and can be set to enable (blocks new installs) or disable (allows new installs).


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Thanks for pointinting that out (ESC). I should have known that. I own an Asus myself (that I rarely use though). I updated my post.