Windows 7 How to Maximize IE Shortcut on Desktop


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Probably simple but being a rookie;
Bought a new computer with Win7 - on old XP computer, when I opened an IE shortcut to go to a specific website, the window opened maximized automatically. Now it opens in a small window. I can't figure out how to make it open maximized. I created a shortcut on the desktop for one of the built in games (solitaire) which as an option to select window size if you right click on the shortcut. There is no menu option if I right click on the IE shortcut icon.


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Hi Drew,
That's what I thought would happen but it did not. When that failed I remembered in XP I could right click on the shortcut menu, hit properties and there would be a drop down box to select the size when you open the shortcut menu. That drop down box does not appear. I looked at the shortcut I made for Mah Jong for my wife, and it is there. I bought a 1,000 page QUE book on Windows 7 and so far no joy on an answer. I made a couple of more IE shortcuts with the same issue. That is when my stumpometer maxed out and I thought I would try the forum route - new experience to me believe it or not.

When creating shortcut go to file / save as / web archive single file (*.mht)

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