How to really (!) set the Win 7 temporary system folder path?


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When I type at the CmdPrompt "set" then two core response lines are:


So from my point of view the path to the official system wide temporary folder is obviously D:\temp

I expected that this folder is automatically protected and hidden in Windows Explorer.

BUT: it is not!

Yes, in "Folder Options" menu/dialog of Windows Explorer I enabled "Don't show hidden files" and
"Hide protected operating system files" but the D:\temp folder is visible anyway.
It looks like a "normal" folder.

So I guess the systems temporary folder is not set/recognized correctly.

Is there another way (beside "set") to find out what the system thinks it is the official system temporary folder?

How else can I set it? Directly in Registry?



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The correct place to set it system wide, reboot after changing...


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