Windows 10 How to recover USMT.MIG files?


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Nov 27, 2022

My laptop crashed and I reinstalled Windows. During the process, a USMT.MIG file was created on my external HDD with the data recovered from my Laptop. Now I want to recover this data. I don't have advanced knowledge of these things. I read a few articles but did not able to recover data.

Can anybody tell me how to do this in detail, please?
You'll need the USMT utility.

Download/Install of USMT which is part of Windows ADK

Command to extract content
Dear Friend,

Thank you for the reply and sorry for the delayed response.

I have downloaded 'Windows Assessment Console. However, still, the command 'UsmtUtils.exe' is not working in cmd.

I don't know how to recover my data. Please tell me what to do next.

Thank you
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