How to remove ADS (Alternate Data Streams) from NTFS files?

Carson Dyle

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Every time I go to backup some files from my Win7 system to my FAT32-formatted USB key, I get a Windows popup message about being unable to copy some properties of a small set of files. This has to do with FAT32 not supporting Alternate Data Streams properties of the files, as NTFS does. They're always JPG files, and would appear to be files that are saved when I save a web page from my browser (probably Chrome) to disk.

This is just a PITA more than anything else. I've removed ADS from files before, but I can't remember how it was done, or what software I used.

Any ideas?


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Thanks very much for the update Carson.
Glad to hear that your were able to find a resolution to your problem and thanks for posting that information here.
I'm certain it will likely prove helpful to others looking for something similar

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