Windows 10 How to remove Homegroup icon from desktop

backgroup = I let Tabby install her Sims game and the EA spyware tried to scan my homegroup as part of its install... results in a homegroup icon being placed on the desktop

steps to get rid of this icon;
  • right click a blank bit of desktop and select "Personalise"
Screenshot (245).png

  • goto themes and look for desktop icons on the right... yes if you don't have a wide enough screen then this setting will not appear
(this is a Microsoft product after all)
Screenshot (246).png

  • if there is already a tick in network then select it and untick it but if there isn't already a tick then you have to first select it and click "apply"... the homegroup icon on the desktop will change to a network icon
  • then select it again and untick it, then apply the setting to remove the icon
Screenshot (247).png