How to remove/uninstall printer driver (in Win7)?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by pstein, Apr 16, 2016.

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    After having used succesfully a Kyocera printer FS-1020D over some years on my Win 7 system I replaced it by a newer, other laser printer from another manufacturer.

    Now I want to remove the old Kyocera printer driver from my system.

    The usual recommended way therefore is to call

    printui /s /t2

    and to remove the printer driver on the "drivers" tab.

    Unfortunately this does not work here. Windows 7 tells me:

    "The following packages can not be deleted
    oemsetup.inf (x64).
    This package contains the following driver(s) that are in use:
    Kyocera Classic Universaldriver (A4 models); This driver is used on:
    kyocera Classic Univerdaldriver (A4 models)"

    Hmm, how do I unlock the Kyocera driver to be able to remove it otherwise?

    Is there any other way to remove the Kyocera driver (e.g. at startup)?

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    Hi Peter,
    I checked the support section and found this:

    I had a look in the download centre but couldn't find 'Utilities' so I presume it must mean on the actual Printer support page?

    I found it! You need to click on 'software/CD's' on your printers support page:
    FS-1020D Driver Download Centre | KYOCERA Document Solutions Serviceworld - downloads, drivers, documentations, utilities

    Post back if it's of no help.

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