How to rename Libraries and Favorites


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I somehow managed to rename the libraries as well as the 'Favorites' about half a year ago.
I don't recall how, but remember that it took a lot of trial and error. It worked perfectly and consistently in the start menu and the window manager. Now, with the latest update (13 important) it all got changed back, and keeps so despite my effort to regain my version.
How can I rename those again, or what was the update that reset MS defaults and how to kill it?


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I don't know how.
but why would you want to do that? just leave it alone. find something else to customize .

Hi Georgey, for the libraries try this: www[dot]sevenforums[dot]com/tutorials/104952-libraries-rename-windows-7-navigation-pane.html
And for the favorites: www[dot]sevenforums[dot]com/tutorials/104949-favorites-rename-windows-7-navigation-pane.html
Haven't tried either myself but just write back if you encounter any problems. Both require you to modify the registry, so you'll need an admin account.


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Thanks lot Alberto, that's it.
What I still don't know is how to rename an individual library, e.g 'Music' to 'Indie Movies'.
One more question if I may, how to change the icon that appears at the top of start menu when I select 'Favorites' I mean what used to be it. (I've found a small program called library-icon-changer but that works for a library only.)
Thanks again for all.

Uhm, have you tried simply right clicking "Music" and "Rename"?
Or does it switch back to the default?
To change the default icon try this: www[dot]sevenforums[dot]com/tutorials/70353-favorites-change-default-icon.html
No worries, hope it helps!


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Yes, first I tried the easy way, but it changed back just like the Libraries and Favorites before I followed your advice.
As to the icon, your lead must be right again, but I managed to get lost. I use 64 bit Windows, so the first section of the tutorial didn't help. By the time I found the note for that at the bottom of the page I must've got careless. So, I modified the Value data in
for both {Default} and LocalizedString before I found the right place to do that. Now I don't know the original values, where can I find those?
Thanks a lot, Alberto.

The default value for the favorites icon should be "%SystemRoot%\system32\imageres.dll,-1024" without the quotes. I think, but I could be wrong, you have to put that into Default and leave the LocalizedString empty. Try that and see if it restores the previous icon.
As for the libraries try deleting C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\Desktop.ini (it will be hidden) and change the names again.


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Thanks, but the problem is not where I was to do something. At all those places, following your advice, I did the right thing and now everything works fine.
Meanwhile, however, I poked in where I shouldn't have. Now the Value data in the two places that I mentioned above are left empty. It does not seem to matter, but there was something and if possible I'd like to restore the original.

OK, my bad, I didn't check the name of the key... Default value on my machine is "Favorites" and LocalizedString is "@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21796", both with no quotes.


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I will try that.
Thanks a lot again, it was a great help, what I asked for is solved.

Glad to have helped you out! ;)

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