Windows 7 How to reset "Unidentified network" to home?


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Hello everyone I'm having frustrating time here.

So I am trying to connect to the internet using a Local Area Connection via an Ethernet cord, however when I plugged that in and try to connect I get an error saying "Error 651: The model (or other connecting device) has reported an error." When I open the network settings the connection is an "Unidentified network" and has public network under it. I am wondering how I can change this network to my home network, so I can access the internet.
Any ideas?

Hello Nanur,
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If you open your network settings and click on "Public", you should be able to change it to "Private" or "Home Network"

Hope this helps and keep us posted
Yeah I thought of that as well except the only problem with that is the "Public" under the name is black, so I cannot click on it to change it to a "Home" network.
Yes I have. I have my wifi connection set up as a home network.. The real problem that I'm trying to solve is my wifi flickers on and off in intervoles ranging from 1-15 minutes, on then off. So I hooked my computer up to my wireless router via Ethernet cables and the internet seemed to work perfectly fine. However, my permanent computer location is away from the wireless router, or any working phone jacks that I could plug a Wireless router into, so I purchased a Powerline Network Adapter (this one to be exact: Actiontec 500 Mbps Powerline Home Theater Network Adapter Kit PWR511K01 - Best Buy) so that I could could have wired internet on my computer.. This is where I run into the problem with the Unidentified Network.
Also, if you have any ideas on how to fix the Wireless problem, that would be greatly appreciated as well!
Please note that I have ran several virus scans, each coming up empty, and I've got up-to-date drivers on my wireless adapter.
Also, if it helps at all.. my computer is a Dell XPS 400, with upgraded RAM (4GB G.SKiLL) and an updated video card (nVidia GeForce 550Ti).
I cannot help with the Powerline device, that would seem to be more of a manufacturers question.

But for the wireless, what is the distance to the router and what signal strength are you showing? Do you have other devices on the wireless network? Do you have any appliances in the area, like a microwave oven that might be running?

Can you move your computer closer to the router or get a longer phone line to connect? I assume you have DSL for your internet?
The router is directly above me.. so about 10 feet. The signal strength is 2-3 bars. I have tried disconnecting all devices from the network, and that resulted in the same thing. I also do not have any appliances in the area, other than a washer and a dryer about 20 feet from the router, and about 15 feet from my computer.
I did do that, and connected the router directly to my computer by using a phone line/ethernet cable.. and I think the problem was fixed, however that was using a wired connection. I do have DSL for internet. My original idea was that I was going to purchase a wireless network extender, instead of a powerline adapter. However I couldn't find a wireless network extender for a resonable price that also had a ethernet port, so I could connect via an ethernet cable. I think I might search a little harder to try to find a wireless network extender, to see if that fixes the problem unless you have any ideas.
Since the wireless signal is so weak at such a short distance. Possibly one of two things is happening. There is something in the ceiling that is blocking the signal, or the antenna is broadcasting in another direction.

If you have external, the power is transmitting perpendicular to the direction of the antenna, so putting them parallel to the floor might help. If they are internal, you will have test. But either way, moving the router in position or direction might allow for a better signal.
Now that I look at it, my signal strength is actually pretty high, ranging from one below max, to max strength. So this means that the signal strength isn't the issue..
Any other ideas?
I'm still having this issue..
Help sure would be nice!

I just now read your thread (I have a question similar to yours -- at least based on the subject line). Since I'm here, I'll see if I can offer any assistance.

Are you saying you lose the WiFi signal or the WiFi signal remains fine but you lose internet connectivity?

If the former, then maybe the router loses power and reboots itself -- a power fluctuation could cause that.

If the latter, the DSL modem could be experiencing power fluctuation issues -- or there could be trouble with the phone line.

If you have something connected to the same circuit that occasionally draws considerably more power than other times, then that would case such fluctuations. One example would be a refrigerator or freezer.
So at first the WiFi signal remains then shortly after I lose connection altogether. It may also be helpful to note that I have two hard drives installed and one is loaded with Win7, and the other Linux (Ubuntu) and the wifi works perfectly fine on Ubuntu and I have never had problems with the Internet ever on Ubuntu. Both my modem and router are connected to a circuit that runs another computer, and a printer. However I'm not sure that's the same type of wattage you were referring to by referencing the refrigerator.
Thanks for the reply as well! I hope this can clarify some things.