Windows 10 How to share a single folder on my PC with a single person over the I-Net, ...If possible?


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I have a large folder, several 10s of Terabytes, on my PC that I would like to share with an individual without giving them full access to everything to my PC.
I do have a VPN, Bitlocker, and maybe other things that may apply to this.
My address through my IP is dynamic but in reality it is quite static.

I might possibly be able to upload it to a sharing service.
But, my upload speed is quite slow.
Are there ways to make it available or send it to them retaining privacy and security?


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Supposing that your computer is on a different LAN (private network) than the one on which that person you want to share with is, you will have to set Port Forwarding on your router. You will also have to set up a password for the share so that only that/those person/persons you want to share with can access the file(s) /folder(s). Of course the best solution (most secure but not the cheapest one) would be to have a file server/NAS running over SSH protocol.