How to Trim Video in Windows Media Player 12

1) I am wondering if Windows Media Player 12 has the ability to trim video. I was using Real Player to trim my videos, but I found that the size of the file was diminished when just saving the whole video after it was "trimmed" (which I didn't really end up trimming any of it). I've searched multiple forums and help sites and only found a add on that was for purchase, and I was looking for something already a part of the program or for free.

2) I am wondering if a Windows Media Player 12 can save a picture from a video. In Quicktime, you can simply pause the video, copy the image, open a picture with Microsoft Picture Manager in the folder you want to save the video picture to, and paste the image. It automatically goes into that folder as a bmp.



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Download Windows Movie Maker, it's free, and it will let you edit video.
You can resize, add effects an do pretty much anything you want.
It will also let you save stills from the video.

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

It will open almost any kind of video file, and while I use Adobe Premiere most of the time I still find that sometimes I can import things into Movie Maker that Premiere won't open.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the reply. I downloaded and installed Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, but I wanted to see if I would lose any quality (translated as size of file). So, I imported a video, used the "trim" function to then save the video, but I actually didn't trim any of the video. Then I saved it as a wmv file. The file itself was smaller than the original, and the size of the video on my screen when I played it back was smaller than the original.

Also, when I took a "snapshot" of the video, it was an incredibly small picture. So far, Quicktime is working the best, but I am still wondering if Media Player or MovieMaker will trim video and not lose quality and capture snap shots with good quality.



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As far as I know there is no way to edit video in either Media Player or Quicktime.
Movie Maker is kind of limited in what it will do, If you are serious about editing video you will need to buy a video editing program.

I would recommend Adobe Premiere Elements.
You can download it and try it for 30 days for free.

I would recommend doing that to be sure that it will run on your computer anyway.
It takes a fairly fast computer to run it adequately.

Adobe - Adobe Premiere Elements : 30-day trial

It's what I use to make my videos.
It will let you do anything you want, crop the image, change speed while maintaining audio pitch etc.
While being pretty comprehensive it is still reasonably easy to use.

Here is one of my animated videos, with my character Lucy, the one below is 5 mb, as you see it but the original is over 300 mb, completely impractical as far as online use goes, but PE will let me save it in a lot of different sizes for different uses.

Here's a direct link...
I don't know what was going on with the other one, I've used ImageShack for years.


Ps. Premiere Element will let you select the size of frames saved from the video.

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