How to unzip and rename jpeg files

My daughter sends lots of JPEG pictures from her iPhone via email. These pictures are in zip folders. Problem is that all pictures have the same file name, usually "image". These same names make normal extraction on my Win 8 laptop impossible except as a laborious, manual process. Is there an application that will both extract these pictures and change the names to something useful?

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I'm not sure I know of any program that will both rename and extract. You can however extract a zip into a folder either windows itself or 7-zip then use a program like batch rename on those files to quickly rename them; then extract the next zip.

If you're looking for simple renaming just extract all the files; select them all; right-click say rename - enter some text like: May Photo then press enter; windows should rename them all May Photo 1, May Photo 2 and so on.

You could also extract all the zips to different folders; then drop all those folders into batch rename and have it rename and move them into a single folder. Something like: "..\All Photos\" + "Daughters Photos - " + SerialNumber(). This would do it is two steps.

- Jim

p.s. if you need you can find batch rename at I think they have a tutorial on doing this; but I don't remember where.

Thanks Jim. I had been trying to rename files inside a compressed folder, and that didn't work. Your suggestions got me thinking. I explored the unzip found in Windows more closely, looking at all and trying out the option windows offered. I discovered the options that allowed me to select and extract all the files into one folder. Windows would them add a number to each duplicate, (2), (3), etc. Then I used a bulk rename utility to affix file names that meant something.

To unzip and rename jpeg files use this KrojamSoft BatchRenameFiles program.

Lately there are some tools available for unzipping renaming and one being useful and recommended is BatchRenameFiles Tool for the same. Thanks

This program helps rename JPG files and it's specialized in dealing with JPG files, hope it helps
Rename JPEG Files

You can install winrar on rarlab for unzip extract folder

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