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Windows 10 How to validate xml signature with a public key using cryptxml APIs


Well-Known Member
Jan 25, 2017
Hi Guys,

I got a really tricky problem from my work. I am doing a xml signature validation with CryptXml in native C++.
I got this signed xml,, I can't retrieve the key info from it using cryptxml API.
there's a solution using signedXml with C#, it validates the file with a rsakey loaded from xml string.
I thought my code will work if I would be able to load a xml string and convert it to BCRYPT_KEY_HANDLE, then I will be able to validate the signature of the xml file using CryptXmlVerifySignature. but I am stucked with this, I am not able to find the api to load a xml public key and generate BCRYPT_KEY_HANDLE.
can you help me on this~

Thank you.