HP Pavilion Laptop- sound randomly stopped working

I was in the middle of a youtube video and the sound suddenly went out. I've checked/ updated all the bios and drivers to no avail. I did a restore to a point from months ago, but it didn't help either. It'll still play through headphones or speakers plugged into the headphone jacks, but not through the internal speakers. When you go to devicemanager, it acts like it's working perfectly, although it's obviously not. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Any chance it could be a mechanical problem with a connection? Are the internal speakers completely out now, no sound at all?

If you plug in the headset, do you get any noise or static from the internal speakers?

There is a chance a bad connection or your speakers have failed.

There's no static or anything in external speakers, but when you take them out, the sound just stops, but it does register in the right hand bottom corner that the device was unplugged and then tries to convince me that the internal speakers are working. I'm really afraid that my speakers have failed, and external speakers have always played really quietly on this computer. If there was even a way to get them to turn up, it would be better then this. Right now I can't hear anything.

I really appreciate your reply- this has got me really stumped.


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You seem to have misread part of my post. I asked if you had any static on the internal speakers if you plug or unplug the headset plug. The reason is that there is a device that shuts off the internal speakers if something is plugged in. Plugging and unplugging the headset might work something loose or give some indication the internal speakers are at least putting out some type of click or static when this is accomplished.

If they do not make a noise, it doesn't really prove anything, but if they do it might help in troubleshooting.

I am assuming you have not disabled the speakers, or turned them down since the sound stopped while you were playing something. Do you like to play the sound really loud??

As far as external speakers, the headset plug is for a headset. External speakers may be too high a load for the amplifier. Check the specs on the speakers. I will also assume a headset plays with normal volume?

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