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Windows 8 hyper-v VMs constantly shutting down


New Member
May 20, 2013
I have a sony vaio core i7, 8 gb ram windows 8 pro with hyper-v for windows 8 installed and working. my issue is that all my vms come up fine but after about 10 minutes of inactivity they automatically shut down. I have set all my power options in both the vm and my host as never on all the sleep options, still the problem persists. I need these vms to stay up , please help.
Hello and welcome to the forum.
First question. Do the VMs behave the same whether or not the host is on battery or AC power?
Second question. Are all machines involved (host and VMs) fully patched (updates, service packs, hotfixes, etc.,) And do all VMs have integration services applied?
Third question. Are all machines involved (host and VMs) properly licensed (COAs) and activated. This is common behavior when evaluation periods are exceeded, the OS(s) is not activated or something like a preview version has expired.
Lastly, there is some information that discusses a problem with having a VM with a SCSI controller installed with no drive assigned to it.
I do not have this problem and have never experienced it with Hyper-V nor any of my VMs as they all have a SCSI controller installed with no VHD drive attached. But it might be easy enough to experiment and see if removing the SCSI controller with no drive assignment helps.

And check your event viewer and see if you are seeing anything in there which might help expose the issue. How many VMs are you running on the host simultaneously?
thanks for the info, I just got it worked out. ive been using the microsoft courseware vhds and apparently all of them I have to rearm, and that seemed to fix the issue. Thanks
You are quite welcome.
That solution would fall under my comment regarding activation, licensing and trialware.
Glad to here you have managed to resolve your problem and thanks for checking back and reporting your solution.
Thanks for taking the time to join our community and we hope to continue to see you around.