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I ran across this tweak, and I liked it.

I'm told that you should not do this in 64 bit Vista?

It always annoyed me that Windows Explorer always opens to the Libraries folder with all the folders expanded, it just makes it look too busy.
I never ever put anything in the folders there, except a few things I let default to the My Documents folder.

I have a specific folder for everything mostly on my D:\ drive.

This lets you set your Windows Explorer open to a different default location.

I set mine to open to My Computer so that nothing is expanded and I can just click on the clearly visible D:\ drive and get to me files.

If I knew the address I would set it to open with D:\ expanded, but I haven't researched that yet.

Here's the link...


As I said at the top I have read that changing this can cause problems in Widnows Vista 64 bit, I can't imagine why, it only a shortcut, but it works fine in Windows 7.

Note that you are only changing the settings for that specific shortcut. If you have other shortcuts they will still point to the old setting.

If you have an icon for Windows Explorer on your task-bar (for which you can't access properties) you will have to replace it with a copy of the one that you changed.



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Funny the things you never think of.

I suddenly realized that I can make an Icon for Drive D:\ that will take me right to my D:\ drive all expanded just the way I want.
I actually never thought of that before. Duh!

Works great!



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I have used those parametrs since the XP days, as my default. This is mine
C:\Windows\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\ That takes me to the top of my main (C) drive. You can also have a look here:

Windows Explorer Command-Line Options

But, a little like yourself, I do not have a great deal of use for libraries. You might find the attached useful. It hides them in the Windows explorer nav pane.


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Mike, I also found it easier to create a shortcut to my Data Drive on the desktop. I have this shortcut on my Win 7 desktop and my Win 8 DP desktop. (3rd partition on my dual boot Win 7 / Win 8 DP). I had added shortcuts for Switch User, Log Off, Restart and Shutdown as well. Most other apps are located in a new Toolbar I call Shortcuts on my Taskbar. I do not like my desktop too cluttered, but the above shortcuts are nice to have close.

A great feature of the Right Click Context Menu (old as dirt) is "Send to Desktop and create shortcut".
You can do that with any folder or file in the computer.
I have shortcuts on my desktop to several folders that I visit regularly, that actually live on drive D:

I also have a folder on my desktop, with all my Internet Forums shortcuts, so just one click takes me right to the forum I want to visit and I'm logged in automatically. Life just gets easier when you use shortcuts.

Happy Computing!


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