Windows 7 I want external display on at all times on my ThinkPad R61


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I'm using Win7 x64, build 7068 on a ThinkPad R61 (nVidia Quadro 140NVS) with an external display connected. I used to have Vista x32 and it was set up so that my external display was on at all times and the laptop's display was always off.

Using the Win+P shortcut I set the settings to projector only, but when I close the lid and then reopen it, the setting switches to duplicate. I've set my lid to do nothing under any circumstances and I still experience this issue.

Any help would be welcome.
I think lid close event is a BIOS issue. Not sure if you can do anything about it unless you have the proper drivers. Do you have the Lenovo System Interface driver installed? The Lenovo PM driver? Perhaps the Vista Display driver can be used.

Drivers and software - ThinkPad R61

I realize the following quote is for Intel Video and not NVidia, but I post it for information purposes anyway.
Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkPad R61 said:
Version 7LET56WW (1.26-1.06)
* (New) (Intel video models only) A design change that the screen is set to extended desktop mode with an external display and \"When I close the lid of my portable computer\" option in the power option is set to \"Do nothing\", and when the lid is closed;

* (Old) The extended display mode is canceled and video output is switched to the external display only, so icons on the desktop will be moved.

* (New) The extended display mode is kept and video output is not switched, so icons on the desktop are not moved.