Windows 7 IE 8 and Webpage..


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Jan 16, 2009
OK I have both IE 8 and Firefox 3.x installed under Beta 1 with Flash for IE and Flash for Firefox both installed from going to under each browser. Under IE8 i do not get the Email logins on the right hand side like i do in Firefox. I have Java installed and flash....

see the jpg files i uploaded for ie 8 and firefox.... i even tried ie 8 in compatability mode only for all webpages and restarted ie8.... same thing....

Yea, I get two totally differnt pages.

But I noticed your address bar States two differnt locations - Welcome to AOL - Welcome to AOL

I get what the same thing in ie8 no matter which one i try. i remember at one time using windows 7 it worked but then i redid my system again and not it wont, then i redid my system yet again and still wont work with ie8... perhaps this is an ie8 bug since it works in firefox....

Maybe, but have you experienced this on any other websites?

If not, I'd open up both browser and bring up about five to ten other sites and see if the problem still occurs.

Its not any help but I didn't have a problem with IE8 on the same page, I am AOL member too! It worked ok for me! I installed Firefox too because I prefer it and the scroll works better in Firefox!