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Windows 7 IE 8 slow to exit out when hitting red "x" button.


New Member
Jan 16, 2009
It seems to me that ie 8 is slow to close out when hitting the red "X" button,, like it just sitts their and then closes after 20 seconds or so.
Really? It seemed fine to me. 20 secs. or so IS a long time for a browser to close. have you tried using IE7, and see if it does the same thing?
Really? It seemed fine to me. 20 secs. or so IS a long time for a browser to close. have you tried using IE7, and see if it does the same thing?

firefox 3.0x and opera are ok no issues. I wounder if someone will make a browser that is totally different from IE or Firefox? One that can hook into my mind and then i just have to think of a website... just cant be typical male and think about porn!
I think IE8 is slow doing anything! Opening new tab, scrolling with mouse wheel, clicking on a link and closing, Firefox does not show the same lag as IE8
This problem only manifested itself in the last 2-3 days. It takes me 10 seconds to close IE8. Firefox is still rapid - like IE8 use to be. I'm using Vista.
If you want to have a browser that's different try Google Chrome.
It's all I have used for years.

It will take a little while to get used to the way it works, for example you type everything into the address bar, searches, questions, whatever.

It has some unique features that I find very handy, like the fact that to make a favorite you just drag the address to the bar below it.

It has tabbed browsing etc, and an incognito window (sometimes referred to as the porn window) that stops your computer from sending any data out or saving anything to your hard drive while you are browsing with it.

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My IE 8 always closes very quickly for me. I've never had any trouble exiting the application, but I must say I'm not really satisfied with its current browsing performance. Sometimes it hangs when I view a website with too many graphics or open several tabs at once.

This is why I've decided to install Google Chrome on my laptop. I found it to be one of the fastest and most reliable browsers available out there. I've tried Firefox and Safari before but I like GC best. I agree with MikeHawthorne--it does take a while to get accustomed to it especially if you're an avid IE user, but give it a try and you'll be pleased with its performance. :)
It closes quickly for me but I notice mouse pointer spinning. I've got it set to delete files on exit and it takes time to edelet all of the junk.
I suggest everyone upgrades to IE 9 when it's released March 15th..

To solve this issue, you could try disabling addons, toolbars and plugins. This won't only make the browser close faster but also start and subsequently load pages faster.