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    I have WIN 8.1 <I really liked 8 and Microsoft updated me to 8.1...I was not happy>...I have issues with my internet connection NOT being stable. If I step away from my computer for just a bit, I will have to disconnect and then reconnect my WIFI <it's a NETGEAR>...all other devices in the house, including my husband's OLD OLD computer, stay connected fine.

    So after two attemps of connecting to the internet the other day, IE now just comes up as a blank page and says it has "stopped trying to restore this website". I even tried deleting the little tile in hopes that it was the tile that was corrupt. Anyway...I went to the IE site thinking I could just re=download IE and it said it's already installed. I'm not a novice, but all of this is way beyond my computer expertise at this point and I'm lost.

    Hoping someone can help me figure out the TWO problems I'm dealing with. OH and if this helps the WIFI question, someone told me I have TWO Netgear connections...ones is NETGEAR62 and one is NETGEAR8. The connection I am using is NETGEAR62. I'd try 8, but have no clue hot to switch to that.

    Thanks for any help ... I've been dealing with the WIFI problem for a few months now and the IE problem started a few days ago...I feel like my puter it just going down hill. <or maybe I AM?>LOL


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