Windows 8 IE10 and No return capability in forum posts..


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Oct 16, 2009
This has happened before, but IE 10 appears to be stopping the line return in posts. It was fixed before in an earlier situation, does anyone know what setting it might be? There were supposed to be 3 paragraphs in this post. Thanks
I will be looking at the issue as soon as I am on a return flight from Seattle. Because IE10 is not officially released, support may be limited. Try compatibility mode.
Here are some official issues being worked on for IE10:

  • Pressing Enter to create linebreaks do not work in WYSIWYG on IE10 (PP3)
  • Facebook publisher doesn't work properly on IE10
  • IE only spell check button needs to go for IE10
  • Improve out of the box experience for vBulletin

This effects all vBulletin 4 forums and not just these forums. This problem is definitely on a "major" priority list for a fix.

If you cannot run Chrome or Firefox, I suggest trying the official Microsoft forums as well if this problem annoys you that much. I would recommend running an alternate browser to have uninterrupted interactivity with all websites if you plan on running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for a long duration or as a primary operating system that you refer to.
Change to the Standard Editor. This was the same in the Win 8 DP as well.

This problem is not just in this forum. It also exists in others including the Lounge.
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I tried the Standard Editor prior to posting. I am not willing to go to the Basic one, but Mike seems to be working on it, and won't be a problem.

But I did just change back to the Standard Editor and I got a line feed. Not sure if it is the editor, or the compatibility option. Will keep testing, but not a huge problem.

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