Windows 10 I'm having an issue where when I save the file, the created date of that file is replaced with the date I saved the file.


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May 13, 2022
In general, if you open a file in Windows as a program, edit it, and then save it, only the access date and modified date of the file change, and it is normal that the created date remains the same.

However, I am having a problem that when I open the files in my NVME 2TB SSD with a program, edit them, and save them, the created date of the file is changed to the date the file was saved.

As a result of looking into this problem a bit more, the NVME 500GB SSD with Windows and several Internal HDDs connected to my computer via SATA do not have this problem at all.

Also, even if .txt or .xlsx is in NVME 2TB SSD, the created date does not change, and from what I have checked so far, I have confirmed that .psd and .png are experiencing this problem.

For reference, the two NVME SSDs used M.2 to PCIE adapters to mount the two NVME SSDs in my computer. Because my motherboard doesn't have an M.2 port.

I am struggling with this problem and need help.

is the drive being synced like a google drive perhaps... that tends to make a new file each time to stop corruption when two or more people try to open a file at the same time

I am using a sync program to back up files from a 2TB NVME SSD to internal HDDs. However, until I installed the 2TB NVME SSD in my computer, I used a sync program to back up the files on the 500GB NVME SSD to the internal HDDs, and this problem did not occur at this time.

Looks like a software problem with the hard drive itself. Alternatively, you can try to update the drivers to interact with the hardware.