Imp. Folder Lost & when using Run to reach it, it open Recycle Bin.!

Hello, i was the Auslogics Disk Defrag Tool to defrag my Partition, and then i went to check a backup folder, i was trying to change the icon of the folder, i dont know what went wrong

The Folder just disappeared !! while it was still showing at the defrag app its working on that folder.

i tired to open the Folder via Run by typing " G:\H " but it opens to me the Recycle Bin.!

It looks empty, but when i right click and check Properties it shows me the Actual size of the folder, how to get my data back :frown:
2011-10-22, 08_21_38.png

2011-10-22, 08_21_08.png

i Looked over the internet and i found a program to undelete the data.

But surprisingly and to make the problem clear, when i choosed the Recycle Bin from the drop-down menu.
it choosed the "G:\H" as u can see.

any resoluations .?



i've fixed it, copied the files to another location and it was goin well and i was able to see the files on the new location,
as long as the file transfer was complete it turned to a recycle bin as well :S

so i copied them again to another location and opened the folder quickly, and kept looking for suspicious file the reason for this mess and obviously it was the "Desktop.ini" i deleted it, and everything is now fine.
hope it helps if someone had it later.


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You say you were changing a file icon. Then a Recycle bin appeared. Could you have changed the icon of your file to that?

Desktop.ini files are on every page but you normally don't see them because they are hidden system files.

Do you still have the Desktop.ini you deleted, maybe in the recycle bin? If so could you edit it to see what it says? You may have just reset the folder to default by deleting the file.

No it wasnt just an icon changed, as you can see from the screen shoots the contents of the folder were invisible plus i wasnt able to right click again and change the folder properties or icon as before, all what i was getting was recycle bin properties.And i know that desktop.ini is hidden by default, but they dont exist unless u change a folder properties or icon.And when i was able to relocate it, it was courrpted amd unreadable via notepad like normal desktop.ini files when u change an icon.So i still wish to figure what exactly was the reason.

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