Windows 11 Anyone else running Windows 11 notice this?


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Hi everyone.

While Windows 11 has solved several problems that I've had, like not being able to sign in to Widows Terminal as Admin, there is one thing that I think is kind of weird.
One is that it will sometimes open multiple copied of programs that it wouldn't do before. I discover that if I accidentally hit some program on my task bar multiple times I find that I have several copies of the program open, one on top of the other.

These aren't things that would be handy to have act that way.
I don't get two copied of File Explorer, which would be nice, but just random small programs, it doesn't seem to be consistent, I just tried it and couldn't get it to do it.

For the most part it's working fine, I'm getting used to it and I don't notice that it feels faster as I did to start with, but that's probably just because I don't see the contrast anymore.

I haven't had any real issues, everything seems to work, even things like the Terminal issues I was never able to fix in Windows 10.
I did find a little app that you might like to try...

It's called Wise Memory Optimizer, it is real simple, if you put it on the Task Bar, and click its icon a message shows up asking if you want to run it, and then a little window pops open in the middle of your screen.

It will show a little circle that indicates how much of your memory you are using. Click on the Optimize button, and it will free up any ram that it being blocked from use but that can be freed up.

It has several options, defrag memory, free up memory or empty standby memory. I've only used free up memory.
Just after starting my computer and having it go through running my virus check etc, it showed 40% of my memory in use, after optimizing it that dropped to 24.

I've found that this helps when using some of my 3D creation programs like Poser, and video editing when it's getting sluggish as well as for gaming.
It really seems to help. Next time I get a new computer I'm going to get more than 16 gigs of ram, my last computer had 32, and I can see the difference.

Anyway that's my report, so far no second thoughts about switching to Windows 11, I've already had several updates, maybe that's why the multiple window thing doesn't seem to be happening right now.

"I discover that if I accidentally hit some program on my task bar multiple times I find that I have several copies of the program open, one on top of the other."
That is odd!. I get the opposite! If I hit a program for which I have a shortcut on the taskbar, twice, it closes again. Something to do with quick launch ??
For more than one copy of something, and it is in the taskbar, I right click and select it again. This I can do for ever!
Other than that, I am with you. No problems with Windows 11, just a slow process of attempting to change a few of the cosmetic alterations back to , roughly, as I want them.
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It doesn't seem to be doing it now, instead the program I just opened closes again. Which can be kind of a pain too.
But as you said to open two File Manager windows, I right-click on it and open it again.