Impossible to make new fresh install.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by CydMM, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Good morning,
    my PC has two internal hard drives. One with Ubuntu installed and the other one with Win7 x64.

    After problems on Win OS, I decided to re-install it but, after re-booting from installation disc, it freezed, so I decided to re-install from inside Windows.

    That compelled me to work on Linux OS to recover Grub2 bootloader. That worked out but, again, I tried to re-install Win7 from DVD and when it comes to choose the disc where to install the OS, I naturally select the disc where Win7 already lays. But it comes out with an error saying that it can't create a system partition there and that is no system disc.

    I remained astonished. So, I pressed the "format" button. After a few seconds I re-iterated the choice but again the same error message.

    Therefore, now, I am no-more able to boot Win7 because I formatted.

    How can I solve this problem?
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    There is a program called EasyBCD version 2 or above that will help set up dual boots. Download it from NeoSmart Technologies. I have not downloaded in a while and it looks like they have changed their procedure so make sure and look at what you are doing.

    If you need help with it, ask them or come back here.

    Make sure you know which hard drive is primary, since this is important during OS installs.

    If you still can't get things to work, and you cannot get to Disk Management in Windows, download and burn G-Parted or Partition Wizard to look at the drives from outside Windows.
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    Believe you have to have Win installed first and then add linux? Then the grub picks up the win install?

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