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Can somneone please tell me how to get rid of "inbox" on my home page? I mean permenently??

What home page? What browser are you using?

am using IE9--am trying to use Google, but In box keeps popping up and I can't get rid of it. Have asked and others have same problem,--can't get rid of Inbox

Im using IE 9 (RC) as well and google as home page. I don't see/have inbox problem...see screen shot.

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oops! am sorry, no prob with Google only when "inbox" becomes my homepage. I go to "make google my home page or type,com in upper left corner and then I get google back and all is fine. But then next time that d... "inbox address box comes back. can't get rid of it permenently.

Open up browser and make sure google is your home page, now right click the house at top right of your browser. Select add/change homepage, then select "use this as my only homepage". close browser and reopen and check for issue.

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