In Defense of Vista!!

So you had to install them in compatibility mode for Vista?
Yep that's what I did. The drivers I have were designed for Vista Service Pack 1, but do work with Windows 7 in the compatibilty mode. I didn't check them with any other mode, or W7 straight. I just went for the Vista Compatibility and it worked. So I left it at that.
I'm sure that M-Audio will develop new drivers for Windows 7, as they have a long track record of supporting their hardware with upgraded Microsoft OS's. But in the meantime, I have it working so I'm thrilled !!

My Pc , even tho it came with vista, doesn't have the minimal requirements it takes to run vista, but XP is fast on it, I love XP!! lol, It depends on what you use your PC for, that determines what os you use.


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Well I have Vista Home Premium running on an IBM M52 Intel P4 3GHZ CPU, low profile nVidia 6200 graphics card 1 gig DDR1 memory & using onboard sound chip, a wireless PCI adaptor that Vista warned me wasn't compaible (which works perfectly) and it runs very smoothly. It has never crashed, boots up and shuts down quickly, much faster than XP does! So I have no complaints with Vista. Windows 7 on another computer, has given me some hardware issues with Creative Audigy 4 sound, distorts the sound which doesnt happen with the Realtek onboard chip, my WinFast TV card blue screens but then this is still beta so it has to be expected. I have had no software issues with W7. I would like to try W7 newer builds though to see if these issues have been addressed before going ahead and buying a retail copy, which is why I wish Microsoft would allow us to test the RC build.

Well I loaded up another hard drive with Vista SP1 last night. I want to compare Vista to Windows 7, to see what exactly the improvements are, and if Windows 7 would be worth it, and if I could get by with using Vista, in the event Windows 7 is too pricey for me. Who knows what the economy will be like 6 months from now....:confused:

So I'm giving Vista another far everything works fine with it. A little slow starting up, but once it's started, it seems pretty good.



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There are a few benchmarks out in the past few weeks, which has given time for testers to play and customise 7. As I said in my earlier post, I failed to see the hysteria over 7, as my own home tests did not bear out with what was being said. Uunless compared with another OS on the same, or identical computer. the benchmarks don not convey any meaning.

On my very average laptop, unfortunately, I am not so excited. Vista overtuned, 7tuned as best is known. Full Programs and hardware. Lan and Internet loading. Avast doing its final thing. (A real time hog on startup.)
Vista boot up in1.20 mins: 7 in 2.20
Both shutdown in about 10 seconds.
Both run programs at near enough, the same speed.
7 outclasses Vista in compatibility. Speed on the Internet about the same.
7 uses a little less memory on my computer. Not much of a consideration, as I have memory to spare for either system.

Here is a more authorative, up to date benchmark, which does not entirely disagree with my own ideas.
BUT, again,this is still Beta.

Benchmarked: Ubuntu vs Vista vs Windows 7 | TuxRadar

I'm also comparing Vista to Windows 7 on the same computer. They both seem to run very well for me. Windows 7 seems to be a polished up version of Vista, with numerous feature upgrades.

The Paint program is much nicer.

The Task Bar is nicer.

The various system monitors have been upgraded.

Windows Media Player has been upgraded.

Nicer desktop pictures and themes.

New Screensavers.

Taskbar color choice.

Nicer Gadgets. Especially the small weather box, it's what I really like.

Nicer Calculator.

Quicker defragmenter.

Internet Explorer is better in W7, and is even better in Release Candidate 1. (I have RC1 on Vista and XP.)

Nice access to mail accounts.

InPrivate Browsing.

More customizing options for IE.

Internet Checkers.

Has date and time in the taskbar.

Both programs are running great for me.

So all these things combined, makes the Windows 7 experience enjoyable for me.



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I have no contentions generally. I will be moving on to Windows 7. I think it is more 64 bit orientated than its predecessors, and generally , after a few touch ups, we hope, will hand most operations a little slicker.
On your points, though, I may see things through different glasses.
I don't use the Paint program, so no comment. It could easily have been patched into Vista.
I had no problems with the old taskbar and, frankly, only see more visual effect with the new one.
The system monitors in Vista did all that I required, i.e they showed the various activities.
No idea about the Media player, but if it has been "upgraded" perhaps it could have been patched into Vista?
Pictures, themes etc. No comment. I usually limit mine drastically, for improved performance.
Dont use gadgets. The ones I have an inclination for are available, if required.
New Calculator. I hope yuou don't regard that as a "Major" improvement in an OS Also could be put in Vista
Quicker defragmenter. Yes.
IE is not really a consideration.. It is being developed for Vista also.
Easy access to mail accounts. Not sure where you are going with that one. I use Live Mail which gives me one click access to all my accounts, as it did in Vista.
Date and time. I can remember the date, old as I am, but a simple hover in Vista bring it up instantly.
I,ll ignore the checkers, as an OS improvement.

Both programs run 100% for me. I feel that we should really be looking at Performance improvements though, rather than modified built in software options. I will, to repeat, have no hesitation in moving on to 7 when it reaches retail stage.

I don't consider any of the improvements to be major, but a collection of little things that make a nice difference.

The new taskbar is the most obvious one.

As far as performance goes, W7 seems to open up quicker, but other than that, I'm not seeing any major improvements. My programs ARE running nicely though. It may be a bit more dependable, but both Vista and XP run pretty good for me.

I have IE 8 RC1 on both XP and Vista. I like it.

I'm hoping to get Windows 7 when it comes out, but it'll depend on price and how things are going. I can't commit today as I don't know the price or where I'll be at 6 months from now. If I'm standing in a soup line, a new operating system will be not on my list of priorities.



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LOL. I'm retired. I,ve been in the soup line for a while. Its bad down here M8!

Ya, this economy is nerve racking. More and more people getting laid off everyday. So that's why I said, I don't know where I'll be at six months from now.


They all sure take resources and are not perfect. Just as in gaming, MS don't care much of the 2-3 year old machines. Some say 7 is what Vista should have been. True, as well as the next windows version will be what 7 should have been. Nothing wrong if you are XP, Vista, or 7 fan. :)

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